Announcing support for App.net

Announcing support for App.net – Last week we posted our concerns regarding the future of Twitter integration in Ost, and put out a feeler for interest in App.net.

The response has been clear: early App.net users are looking for a sophisticated client, preferably one that can also handle Twitter data.

Today, after a Sunday morning hack session and a couple days of testing with early users, we’re pleased to announce support for App.net on Ost.

App.net joins Twitter, Instagram, Dropbox and Instapaper in our list of services, which means you can view App.net feeds alongside your other cloud data in a clean, readable interface.

We will do our best to comply with Twitter’s new guidelines over the next few months.

In general we’re excited about the potential of bringing your streams of data together, wherever they might originate.

App.net is compelling to us because it’s so open ended; its potential is just starting to be explored.

We’re still in private beta, but we’re working through our invite queue steadily.

If you email us and mention App.net we’ll turn the invite around within a day.